James R. Fisher, Jr

Essie Mae Kiser Foxx Charter School Principal
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It is with great pride and humility that I serve as Principal of Essie Mae Kiser Foxx Charter School for the 2019-2020 academic year. Having Excellence, Expectation and Enthusiasm as our guiding philosophy I believe we, as a school community, are poised to enter into our best year ever.

With academic achievement and growth as our end in mind, I recognize the hard work, and drive it will take to meet the many challenges we must encounter together.

I am confident that this journey to the top, and the pure potential which fuels such a powerful vision, will take Essie's School to places unimagined.

Let us, as members of a collective community, continue to chart the course for greatness, while understanding that Excellence is fueled by the Expectation that there is something far greater for us. Then and only then will we, with all Enthusiasm, unlock that which causes each of us to soar and do our very best each and every day. 


James R. Fisher, Jr.


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