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Why Essie's School?
  • We utilize a STEAM curriculum which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. These core components are combined to push our students to become creative, critical thinkers. A curriculum taught with the addition of arts as a medium allows for all learning types to be well served. 

  • We offer a free and reduced lunch program based on federal standards.

  • Our transportation is free of charge.

  • Teaching excellence will be continually enhanced through adherence to models of data-driven instruction.

  • Spanish will be introduced in kindergarten, utilizing an immersion approach through 1st grade, transitioning to Spanish classes for grades 2 and up.

  • Our instructional plan is aligned with the Common Core and Essential Standards.

  • K-8 structure of the school will provide a more continuous, community-centered learning environment for students.

  • Before and after school programs that are catered to students’ needs. 

  • ESSIE MAE KISER FOXX CHARTER SCHOOL is named for the late Essie Mae Kiser Foxx, a prominent community leader in East Spencer, NC over her lifetime. The school has been referred to as “Essie’s School,” for short.

  • Essie’s School is a community-centric school of choice— a free public school — that opened in August 2018 for grades kindergarten through four. It will add a grade each year until reaching grade 8 and becoming a K-8 school.

  • We will enroll of 150 students on a first-come, first-serve basis. If the school receives more than 150 applicants, decisions on final slots will be determined by a lottery.

Essie's Mission

Essie’s School will promote academic excellence and cultivate confident, lifelong learners and leaders. We will develop the unique gifts and talents of each student by nurturing curiosity and fostering creative and critical thinking skills.

Essie’s School will bring educational opportunities to East Spencer that will transform the community. Students will be actively engaged in rigorous, authentic and meaningful experiences that stimulate curiosity and critical thinking. New knowledge will be applied beyond the classroom and students will grow as leaders in their community. A safe, nurturing, and inclusive learning environment will be maintained meeting the educational needs of all students.

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PO Box 400, East Spencer, NC 28039

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